Monday, 4 July 2011


Give them the gift of time to heal their wounds


As most of you will probably already know Habiba and Alma are back together twenty-three days after the IMMF decided to take custody of the little one in a totally unjustified manner.

Mother and daughter still hug each other in disbelief of everything they have gone through.Trying to forget the harshness of the days they were separated.

Thanks to the solidarity of many of you Habiba has got a job and keeping it is a major priority for her, but for now the separation is so hard for Alma that her mum can not leave her to go to work . Alma does not allow anyone else to take care of her or hold her, and she gets very anxious when she is not making contact with her mother... she needs to regain trust, much love and time to try to re-establish breastfeeding without timetables or restrictions. (Have also tried to go together to work, but this is proven too hard for Alma, since she now demands all of her mother's attention.)


There has been many of you who after knowing about Habiba and Alma's situation have come to us enquiring for ways to help them.

From the very beggining we have been reluctant and refused any form of economical help, we have prefered to accept help in the shape of work offers, but due to the trauma this separation has left behind for both of them does not allow at present for mum and daughter to be separated at all. Being this the main contraindication in the healthy recovery of this family unit.

So for this reason and picking up and your suggestions. We at Fundacion Raices feel that we have to offer the opportunity to give donations in order to help Habiba and Alma together without an immediate need for Habiba to return to work just yet.

With any contribution, however small, we will be giving them the possibility of healing the wounds that this sad separation has caused them.


If you wish to make a donation to "Give the gift of time to HABIBA and ALMA to heal their wounds" you can do so by making a deposit in the account that Fundacion Raices has set up in order to send them your solidarity. You can also use the PAYPAL button on the right hand side of this blog.

Thank you ever so much for all your support, for your solidarity for your ideas, for your involvement and for knitting together a network of people that makes those who are vulnerable, stronger.

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