Wednesday, 22 June 2011



They're TOGETHER; HUGGING AND FREE!!! Little Alma is recovering emotionally with her head on her mothers chest, without taking her head off not even for an instant, as though this whole ordeal had been a bad dream. Habiba is glowing as we had never seen her before. Rest assured that everything you've done has been worth it. Alma, Habiba as well as all of us will be forever greatful for all your support.

Signed: FundaciĆ³n Raices

Ibone (psychiatrist) and her children, Nacho (lawyer), Lourdes (Raices) and her children, Habiba and Alma are celebrating as a family ... together.

I've been with them in the park. I cannot believe it. I've seen it and yet I can not believe... it. Tha little girl is strong and well equipped. She laughs and plays. She eats and shares it with my daughter. She hums and moves her hands to the tune I sing to her. Habiba looks at Alma and her eyes twinkle. They kiss and kiss and kiss. Every now and again Habiba says "I want to sing, I want to shout" ... and she laughs. Ibone looks at them captivated "the most beautiful love movie I've ever seen." I do not know ... I feel drunk with joy .... (If you need more the opinion of a professional Ibone says the girl is just PER-FECT!)

Alma ... I never imagined you were so beautiful and that you would smile so much after everything you've been through. Undoubtedly your mother's breast has made you strong.

Habiba says: "I want to thank everyone who helped us" while she doesn't stop staring at her little girl.

I wish I had you lived with me this moment, this is much more than a reward. Today I feel a little more hopeful.
Patricia Sanz Lorenzo (part of the Spanish Support Team)


I just called Ibone, it is the first time we ever speak over the phone, I didn't know what to say but I wanted to share the joy with her, we talked briefly she was very happy, she passed me to Habiba saying: Someone from London wants to talk to you, I could hear Alma in the background...Habiba said: Hola and then: "I have my daughter you know?!!" With the joy of a child that has found her lost treasure and then she said: "Thank you!!", I couldn't stop crying, I just said I am happy, you take care. Ibone has said: Thank you and that the international support has been essential!

I am sure a longer story will be coming from Ibone at some point but I think we need to remember that from now on we must respect Habiba and Alma's privacy and peace. And Ibone and many people who have held this campaign for 22 days, need a well deserved rest.
Jesusa Ricoy-Olariaga part of the International and Spanish support team


Further... an international organisation has been created it will be called ALMA and it will protect families rights to breastfeed, cosleep and love each other amongst other things and will ensure that situations like this will not be accepted.

If you want to participate in ALMA, send us an email to